How does the process work?

  1. Fill out our Client Intake Form.
  2. Choose which Service would better suit your needs. You can find them all here.
  3. Chat with us! We’ll call you within 48 hours to thank you for choosing Danzy Bird & Co. to serve you, sort through your intake form, and finalize the Service(s) your business needs most.
  4. Next, we’ll send you a customized Work Agreement, Invoice and W9. Once these three paper pieces are settled, our work begins.
  5. Work our butts off to ensure your professional success!

Why do we need a Work Agreement?

This piece of paper simply spells out what’s required of the both of us. It will detail our promise to you as your service provider, what’s expected of us and the best ways for us to work together as a team. You may also find our work, legal and pricing policies, which exists to protect both parties if needed.

What provider do you use for Invoicing?

PayPal. A 3% service fee will be applied to each invoice.

How often will I be invoiced?

Monthly. Additional payment plans are available upon request.

How many [Virtual Assistance] clients do you handle each month?

To ensure that our clients receive quality service, we typically manage 3 to 5 Virtual Assistance clients per month. However, as our staff grows, so will our client intake.

What tools do you use to stay organized?

Three of our favorite tools are Ever Note, Buffer and Acuity. (We love email, too.) What are yours?

How else will you pour into my life?

Great question! The near future holds a slew of free resources and tips on how to run your business better. We’re talking eBooks, worksheets, live webinars, newsletters and more. Be the first one to know what’s happening next at Danzy Bird and join our email list.

What’s a Danzy Bird?

Not to be confused with an actual bird, a Danzy Bird is someone who’s fly in creativity, ingenuity and the talent it takes to make their dreams soar. Every breathing person is capable of being as fly as you are, but its their business whether or not they choose to. The fact is that you have and for that, you’re fearless (and fly)!

What does Danzy mean? 

Our founder was/is obsessed with her late grandmother, who’s maiden name was Danzy. She chose a standard of excellence in everything she did, thus inspiring her grand daughter to name this business in her honor. In the same way that Ms. Danzy treated others, our goal is to give our clients excellent service, helpful resources, thoughtful recommendations and a splash of humor in every experience. Who’s behind Danzy Bird & Co.? Meet Ariel here.

So…why a bird?

Well, who doesn’t want to fly?

Don’t see your question listed? Shoot us an email: danzybirdco@gmail.com.

Read our Terms of Service.

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