Meet Ariel

So, who’s behind Danzy Bird & Co.?



Hi, I’m Ariel C. Williams, founder of Danzy Bird & Co., and an online media, content creating, obsessed individual. For the past three years, I’ve spent countless hours writing and managing blogs, freelance writing for some of your favorite websites, building awesome relationships with entrepreneurs and social influencers, and learning as much as my brain can take about social media and digital entrepreneurship.

Putting in that work has accidentally branded me as a go-to writer, virtual manager and idea machine among six-figure earners who need help running their businesses. While that sounds glamorous (and trust me, it is also humbling), note the aforementioned word ‘accidentally’! I went from one day telling a blogger friend that I could help her resolve loose ends on her website to being referred to for services like copy writing, social media management, blog support, online customer service and something I like to call idea management, where I force my client to listen to insane and radical income bearing ideas that’d perform well in their business. After seeing my name mentioned in online groups, emails and general social media for these services, I decided it was time to Bet On Myself and blaze the trail of entrepreneurship. So, I dug deep, pooled together a few niche services that I kick butt in, and now look forward to working with hardworking, creative entrepreneurs who like to get ish done!

I help entrepreneurs continue telling their brand story by creating content that resonates for their websites and social media pages, relieving them of strenuous boss duties, and aligning them with resourceful tools and opportunities for their business. A favorite client of mine even brags about how one small suggestion from me helped her generate $1,000+ in sales in one day! These are the kind of services and ideas I want to share with you, fly boss.


My personal mantra is ‘Bet On Myself’ and my guarantee to you is that within no time, you’ll be able to bet on me (and Danzy Bird & Co., LLC.), too. Our goal at Danzy Bird & Co., is to create an honest and excellent environment for our clients to thrive in creativity, flexibility and sales. Are you ready?

Let’s get it, you fly boss, you!


Ariel C. Williams is editor-in-chief of Slay Culture — a website representing Black women who constantly slay in style, success & sensuality — and author of The Girl Talk Chronicles: Advice on How to Manage Love, Lust & Situations. She has written for and/or been featured on For Harriet, mater mea, xoJane, and Afrophire magazine for the sake of all things woman: life, love and goals. She’s made a name for herself online as a blogger and freelance writer for the past 3 years and decided to use her acquired skills and resources to create Danzy Bird & Co., an agency offering digital services and media to creative women of color. Her work life consists of deadlines, connecting with and serving clients, and working as the Content Manager at Be Blogalicious and other brands; while her personal time is spent creating memories with her young son and eating as many Eggos as possible. Ariel’s education is in sociology and in a previous work life, she spent several years collecting unpaid premiums for a Fortune 500 company. #BeenAboutGuap

Where to find Ariel:

Search through her Portfolio for professional writing (a.k.a. her clippings). Visit her website, Slay Culture, and get your life in all things slay! For bits and pieces of her personal life, visit her blog, Ariel Says Now. There, you will also find updates about her next book project Love Notes. Connect with her on Twitter and Instagram @ArielSaysNow.